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"The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values."
- William S. Burroughs

Sunbeam School Academy strives to create an atmosphere of love, order and freedom to help the child to have a balanced development of body, intellect and emotion. Our aim is to help the children to develop into successful men and women of upright character and righteous conduct. One of the foremost aims of this sunbeam school is to lay foundation of ethical and human values at a tender age. This Sunbeam School is best CBSE affiliated schools in Varanasi area. Sunbeam Academy is Best CBSE Schools in Varanasi for Class 11, List of Boarding School in Varanasi, Best Private English School in Varanasi.

  • Uniqueness we provide

    Tutorial Help & Remedial Teaching

    "The Sunbeam school provides for additional programmes as tutorial help and remedial teaching for slow learners to help them to cope with the courses taught in the main streams. This helps in easier understanding and curtails the need of private tuition. ."

  • Learning Environment

    The school is privileged to offer educational infrastructure and services in tune with the expectations and demand of the contemporary academic scenario.

  • Indoor Shooting Range

    Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting

    We provide an indoor shooting range where students practice & have won many prizes in various events.

  • Skills

    An Only Concerted Aim

    This is a sunbeam school that aims to seminally propel its students towards a fool proof competence for entering courses in higher studies, attaining specific sporting excellence and achieving peerless board results through the holistically transformative pathways that students may not have known yet. And the sunbeam school strives to march forward on its everlasting spirit, down to earth groundwork and skyward aims.

  • Sports-quick learning aid

    This school does not acquiesce that excellence is only about winning. To play to win is one thing which is affirmative, but a school environment focused on winning and not development is another thing. In the lust for winning, many components of excellence like passion, mind strength and character, which have proven to be just as important as the physical aspects, are frequently forgotten.

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